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What is a Turkish bath / hammam / hamam ?

The Turkish bath is an ancient steam bath that is known for its unique relaxing Eastern atmosphere. Typically, finished in marble with intricate ceramic reliefs it is equipped with unlimited hot and cold water on tap delivered to the body at the correct temperature for each stage of the bathing ritual by way of a silver or copper bowl.

Historically, Turkish baths were significant meeting places where Turkish people socialised, played instruments, danced, looked for brides/grooms for their children and discussed business.They were the original health spas of the Ottoman era.

Turkish baths have recently started to return to their well deserved widespread popularity as part of the modern spa experience. They are increasingly recognized as a great way to relax, exfoliate, massage your body and improve your well being.

Alongside the Turkish exfoliating bath mitt “kese”, the essentials of this experience includes pure olive oil soaps, lightweight Turkish towels called “peshtemals”, wooden open toe clogs called “takunya” and wooden hair combs.

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