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What is a Turkish towel / peshtemal ?


Peshtemals are Turkish flat woven bath towels made of natural materials like cotton and bamboo using traditional weaving techniques.

These lightweight Turkish towels were historically used in Turkish baths/hammams. However, nowadays they are used at the beaches, swimming pools / spas,  gyms and camping/picnic trips as well as at home instead of the more common terry towels used today..


Peshtemals are becoming more and more popular 

  • They are very water absorbent
  • They are lightweight and compact to carry or store at home
  • They are likely to be washed more frequently than towels since they dry quickly & take up less space in the washing machine and are therefore more hygienic.
  • They can be used by the whole family
  • They are attractive and authentic with their beautiful designs and colours
  • They can be worn as wrapped around your body like a sarong or a pareo
  • Some people also choose to use them as a table cloth or a small blanket

Why don’t you give them a try and see it for yourself? They are simply beautiful and practical.

How to care for your peshtemal 

  • Please wash your cotton towels before you use them at max 40C. This increases their absorbency and make them softer.
  • Fabric conditioner is not recommended since they reduce absorbency.
  • Low heat tumble drying is recommended, but if possible avoid tumble drying completely. Air drying is best to prolong the life of your towel.
  • The tassels are hand finished  and can be re-tied if they unravel. Divide them into two bits and twist each bit clockwise first. Then you can wrap them around each other anti-clockwise. You can finish the job by tying a knot at the end of each tassel.
  • If there are any pulled out threads, you can cut them off. This doesn’t damage your peshtemal.

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