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About our Turkish exfoliating gloves

Keyfi Harem is a Premium Turkish exfoliating glove range is made of completely natural materials including cotton, cocoon silk and tree cellulose based yarn. It is simple yet effective and made by one the best manufacturers in this field in Turkey with a long family based history in the business. The nature of the fibres combined with the particular weave of the material and associated production techniques perfected over centuries of Ottoman bath culture has produced this superior product. We believe that after you try this product alternative exfoliating methods will not make the grade !!! This top quality range includes mitts for sensitive skin and all other skin types, mitts suitable for body and face as well as a back scrubber and a suds mitt for a complete experience.

BackScrubber FingerMitt SudsMitt CocoonMitt CreamMitt BlackMitt

Natural Thick Exfoliating Glove Cream & Black

Made of natural cellulose based yarn and cotton, suitable for all skin types except sensitive skins. Coarser and thicker.

Natural Cocoon Silk Exfoliating Glove

Suitable for sensitive skins, neck area and face. This is a gentler and see through mitt made of cocoon silk. However, it is still very effective.Be very gentle when applying the product to face as face tissue is more sensitive. Don’t stay in the same area for too long.

Natural Cocoon Silk Exfoliating Face Finger Mitt, Pack of 3 

This is a gentler, see through mitt made of cocoon silk designed to be used on the face. Only large enough for your two or three fingers to exfoliate your face, it is very effective. You will get 3 little cute mitts in each pack. Suggested frequency of use every 10 days like the other mitts. Be very gentle when applying the product to face as face tissue is more sensitive. Don’t stay in the same area for too long.

Natural Exfoliating Back Scrubber

Made of natural cellulose based yarn and cotton, a coarse back scrubber that is great for exfoliating. Suitable for all skins types except sensitive skins. It size is approx 28.5 inches / 72.5 cm x 4 3/4 inches / 12 cm when purchased.

Natural Cocoon Silk Sudsing Mitt

This cocoon silk mitt is the only mitt that can be used with soap since it is designed for washing your body but not for exfoliation. Lather it up with soap suds and use it softly all over the body while bathing or showering.

This is a large traditional mitt and it is great to be used like a back scrubber as well due to its size. Approximately 39.5 inches / 100 cm x 13 inches / 33 cm when purchased.

Suggested frequency of use is once every 10 days.

Please see our Video and Article “HOW TO USE EXFOLIATING GLOVES”  and “WHAT IS AN EXFOLIATING GLOVE” for more information.

All our gloves will shrink a little after the first wash and this is expected. 

Please note that there are slight variations in colour of the Cocoon silk mitts. They are in cream, beige and pinky shades. Any combination can come out from the packaging and sometimes the same mitt has colour variations. 

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